Little black dress perfect match jewelry fantasy beauty

小黑裙的绝配珠宝 梦幻美感
Little black dress has become a symbol of elegance, every woman's dream of an elegant little black dress, Jin Lu refined temperament. How is the little black dress embellishment, so she exudes its own flavor, and this is very important, oh. Collecting your dream's major brand jewelry, a little black dress can be called a perfect match jewelry, come see them all right! Little black girls wardrobe absolutely indispensable piece of clothing. Although it is the king of the White Tower, the little black dress, but also need to rely on accessories to brighten. The following six jewelry is the perfect little black dress collocation.
小黑裙的绝配珠宝 梦幻美感
In 1932, Coco Chanel created a series of beautiful fashion jewelry ahead. And this "Cascade" It is designed for use with necklace classic little black dress neckline designed by 18K white gold, set with a 5 kt pear cut diamond and 287 round diamonds total weight of 42 kt. Almost invisible sheet-shaped metal series, condensed into a waterfall effect, showing a dreamlike beauty. Elegant and beautiful, highly decorative.
小黑裙的绝配珠宝 梦幻美感
"Butterfly Dream has Illuminati, limp walk dance spring, large comfortable life, every day a freshman." Lan jewelry Renascence recovery series graceful butterfly vivid image with precision micro-inserts the top technology, K white gold with dazzling bright white mosaic moving drill incarnation into a beautiful butterfly cocoon, through time and space interpretation of a romance beautiful legend. It Rain or shine, like the gurgling streams, such as trace lightly swirling warm, unique oriental swarovski charms jewelry show Lan indifferent tolerance and open-minded.
小黑裙的绝配珠宝 梦幻美感
"Peacock tail drag gold line is long, afraid to fly into cloves", Kate Spade with gold foil Turquoise Blue sparkling swarovski crystals stones, drawing inspiration from nature, exquisitely beautiful, ingenuity, mixed vintage beauty in the continuation of the modern style of design concept, regardless of party or by the end of end of the year to travel, with a knitted skirt Wrap, with shiny brooch chic, gorgeous yet playful, if you can leave a little closer to nature.
小黑裙的绝配珠宝 梦幻美感
The 21st century is a woman's best times this fall stationed in mainland China's top handmade Italian jewelry brand Pomellato, the greatest significance to the interpretation of the woman's romance and dreams. Arabesque series of rings, rose gold inlaid with delicate sexy black diamond, platinum inlaid natural not artificial Pegasus brown diamond, not only for the grand occasion wear, but can in everyday different occasions, and the trend of fashion perfect fit. When in full bloom in wonderful hands, highlighting not only the luxury fashion jewelry itself, there are different kind of personality of the wearer, contemporary women's love and glory to condense in this flourishing fingertips.
小黑裙的绝配珠宝 梦幻美感
Fleeting meteor, scattered interwoven stars, dancing sky Galaxy - Staring at your fingertips While treasure, Versailles entire sky are reflected in the eyes seemed to throw into. Fenix's "Versailles Stars" series of jewelry, inspired by 300 years of history to enjoy the Palace of Versailles in France. Unique Diamond Star and three-dimensional translucent mosaic art design technology, the group of diamond jewelry luxury appearance brilliance and fire pass even more intense; the entire 100 hours of handmade, sincerely convey to those in place in the palace the touching story.
小黑裙的绝配珠宝 梦幻美感
Latest works from China's top ten thousand baby jewelry designer, there are things that make a woman scream Jiaochen issued the most, and that is a set of white and black diamonds cute panda necklace and bracelet set. Panda very small Cute, suspended between flashing clavicle, is the best choice to highlight the lovely side!
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PANDORA jewelry Valentine's Day series

Valentine's Day is approaching, PANDORA for this romantic holiday, Valentine's Day launch of a new series of PANDORA jewelry. Let our love in a romantic accompanied by PANDORA's up!


PANDORA for Valentine's Day, with silver, 14k gold and two-tone gold and silver pendants with different models to design a three romantic pandora bracelet. When you want to use a unique way to express love, they will be your inspiration.


Classic silver, gold luxury, bold color gold and silver, with precious stones or without decorations. PANDORA is a real handmade jewelry and elegance and attention to detail. In addition, you can choose any combination of a single piece of pandora jewelry charms together, there is always a jewelry line with your personal taste.

In addition to romantic bracelet, set with white diamonds decorated with 14k gold heart-shaped pendant, can be flexibly used for necklaces, bracelets and rings. This is a truly feminine series, and can work with any of a mix with your favorite jewelry.

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Chopard luxury fine jewelry presents new works

Chopard at the festival created a set of unusual jewelry made of platinum, diamond and sapphire as the main elements combined to create the necklace, earrings and rings swarovski crystals jewelry suite composed. This extraordinary new work in order to exquisite elegance, creativity known Chopin fine jewelry world, enough to occupy a dazzling place.
18K white gold necklace fine swarovski crystals jewelry suit
Chopin's designers, jewelers and setters, cutters and polishers sincere cooperation, re-create a glorious milestone jewelry art, to show its amazing professional skills. Chopin workshop in Geneva and industrious solemn atmosphere, this gorgeous exquisite fine jewelry after more than 250 hours of Seiko secret agents finally shine secular.
Fine jewelry pendant earrings suit
Set in 18K white gold necklace extraordinary noble than 300 pieces by Nizam diamond shaped beads, more than 2600 brilliant round diamonds and 27 sapphires elaborately inlaid deep. This is a fine jewelry Health and varied, seven tassel necklace can be easily removed, and then combined into a short necklace. And with sapphire and diamond pendant earrings, necklaces can also be festooned with tassels make additional gorgeous sense to the next level. Finally, an 18K white gold diamond ring is also still known, it echoes the theme of the set with a sapphire. With this work, Chopin once again rule the world reveal their secret art of jewelry - dedicated to create a pleasing delightful amazing for.

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SWAROVSKI arbeiten zusammen, um die erste Braut Serie Ye Mingzi bauen

Chinas berühmte Hochzeitsmodedesigner Ye Mingzi erstellen Atelier Swarovski erste Reihe von Luxus Brautschmuck und Accessoires.


Genannt Atelier Swarovski schmuck von Ye Mingzi Schmuck-Serie umfasst 33 Modelle von Produkten, im Rahmen der 2014 Winter Series entwirft Atelier Swarovski wurde im Imperial Ahnentempel der Verbotenen Stadt Ye Mingzi "Blume des Lebens" Zeremonie 20. Juni ins Leben gerufen.


Ye Mingzi denke China Outstanding Elite-Design reizend Abendkleid und Braut bekannt. Inspiriert von dieser Reihe wird als "Blume des Lebens" in den alten geometrischen Muster, Muster von einer übergreifenden Rund und Komposition, "Blume des Lebens" als Grundmuster Schöpfung angesehen. Die Serie umfasst eine Vielzahl von exquisiten Wildhalsketten , Ringe, Armbänder, Krone und Bräutigam Manschettenknöpfe, vor allem gespickt mit schillernden Swarovski Kristall Ohrringe.

Swarovski Nadja Swarovski Mitglieder des Vorstands, sagte: "Ihr Mingzi entwirft auf der Braut Brautkleid spiegelt die Swarovski-Kristall-Zubehör exquisite Wirkung, deshalb wurde sie die erste permanente Atelier Swarovski Brautschmuck Designer Reihe der Auserwählte. Diese eleganten Accessoires wird eine einzigartige Möglichkeit für die Braut, um zusätzliche schillernden Charme hinzufügen. "


Veröffentlicht seit 2007 zu den Luxus Kristall Zubehör Produktlinie Atelier Swarovski bereits und die Mehrheit der weltweit führenden Designer aus kreativen Bereichen Mode, Schmuck, Architektur und Design Zusammenarbeit die ultimative Designer-Mode-Accessoires zu schaffen, bei der Hervorhebung des Potenzials der Kristall Kreativität.

Swarovski-Kristall ist das beste, klar, hell und lebendig ist. Schmuck ist die Krönung zu verkleiden sich die Braut. Ewige "Blume des Lebens" ist auch ein Symbol für ein Leben voller Glück.

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Bulgari "Four Seasons" series of fine jewelry

In four seasons in the name, with leaves shaped in the context of the strength of character to brightly color is incredible, BVLGARI new "Four Seasons" series of fine jewelry necklace deduce alternately beautiful nature of the season, once again demonstrated Italy jewelry family of unique understanding and bold colored gemstones. Leaf gem cutting mode is BVLAGRI Bulgari tradition of the Mughal period Contemporary Interpretation - At the time, the perfect gem show superb form at the extreme cutting process, for swarovski crystal jewelry boxes and perfume bottles decorated with precious works of gorgeous glamor .
宝格丽“四季系列”高级珠宝  以华美彩宝演绎浪漫四季
"Spring recovery" - expressed in tourmaline and peridot out two similar but different levels of bright green, with rose gold and vibrant amethyst to show abundant life in the spring of this season of rebirth.
宝格丽“四季系列”高级珠宝  以华美彩宝演绎浪漫四季
"Summer's gorgeous" - gold and emerald, garnet and amethyst orange combination of colorful interpretation of the summer, this fine jewelry necklace in July 2013 DIVA debut in the series, and thus stimulate unique "Four Seasons" series inspired; "quiet beauty of Autumn" - purple tourmaline, amethyst and garnet with orange, warm color aesthetic interpretation of a quiet part of the fall; "winter bright" - dense diamond rock crystal and platinum interwoven cream colored leaves, show the elegant beauty of winter.
宝格丽“四季系列”高级珠宝  以华美彩宝演绎浪漫四季
Unparalleled craftsmanship swarovski jewelry gives high-impact visual beauty, the pendant will be with the wearer's gestures graceful swaying show BVLGARI Bulgari jewelry perfect wearability.

Each leaf is unique existence, BVLGARI BVLGARI through meticulous carving perfect show this feature, each leaf between four fine jewelry necklace all have slightly different. Embedded in the claws of each diamond is shining intoxicating color of fire, with gorgeous colored stones pavilions. Leaf and decorated with pavé diamonds arc connecting part harmony with, given the whole piece of jewelry works impeccably gorgeous charm.

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Christmas ornaments Recommended: Accessories in the animal kingdom

Want to have their own unique taste, but essential jewelry fashions! Today we recommend is based on the conceptual design for the animal out of the jewelry. Some of the material is gorgeous crystal, design bold and charming. There are a number of accessories for the material is copper, Jin Guangyao eyes, wild domineering. Are extremely good "Christmas jewelry
Blue Swarovski Crystal Owl Necklace
Blue Swarovski crystal owl necklace from Butler & Wilson's, B & W image of antique and avant-garde fashion distinctive jewelry industry is particularly well-known. The owl necklace workmanship is very fine, with blue, purple, golden diamond paste, and navy blue Swarovski crystal, luxurious but also fashion, South Molton Street in London's jewelry shop Butler & Wilson has been 40 years of history , and in 1960 co-founded by the late Simon Wilson & Nicky Butler, bold and beautiful style.
Black and gray lizard necklace swarovski crystal diamond paste
Black and gray crystal from Butler & Wilson posted diamond necklace lizard, lizard vivid shape after filling luxury diamond crystal sticker affixed attitude, end to end design allows necklace overall feeling stronger, great design sense. Take it, is the party's most eye-catching star.

In the late 1970s, Butler & Wilson was the first to launch the iconic large crystal jewelery person, but these gorgeous accessories to power dressing in the popular 1980s gained more fans.
Black gold diamond ring deer
Butler & Wilson this season brought the animal themed jewelry. From large forest as a source of inspiration for rare elk rings whimsy. Modeling vivid color deer delicate inlaid rhinestones, vividly demonstrating a gentle gesture. Worn on the slender fingers, both adorable and beautiful, definitely let the girls love the gift.
Color diamond earrings owl
Butler & Wilson owl color diamond earrings, if you just want to buy one pair of silver buttons, then, Butler & Wioson not your good choice. In Butler & Wioson, you will find a lot of dazzling swarovski jewelry and bags, even the men's series is no exception. It is worth mentioning that Princess Diana has been a big fan of B & W.
Metal rhinestone earrings Panda
Butler & Wilson panda earrings! ! Meng to scream delicate earrings, jewelry boxes each girl a guest. "That girl wearing panda earrings," it will be asked a lot of people! Bizarre giant panda family from becoming a source of inspiration earrings. Vivid modeling a pair of giant pandas distant sea, naive, white diamond with black metal created the adorable and cute. Let the girls absolutely love the heart of water present.

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"SWAROVSKI shiny Christmas tree" shine the Hong Kong International Airport

Internationally renowned fashion brand Swarovski year collaboration with the Hong Kong International Airport, and work to create a "shining Swarovski Christmas tree" put glittering festive atmosphere, the distinctive painting style pop.

「SWAROVSKI闪亮圣诞树」闪耀香港国际机场 乐坛天后郑秀文亲临主持亮灯仪式

Swarovski is proud to once again in the world's top sparkling Christmas tree erected Hong Kong International Airport, so that we feel with bright attractive charm, brought about a gorgeous eye-catching Christmas Jewelry. Swarovski also invited the pop diva Sammi Cheng lighting ceremony presided over, the light shining on the Christmas tree illuminate the entire airport, symbolizing an unprecedented glittering, charming Christmas poem illusory launched.

Special guest Miss Zheng Xiuwen appeared in one elegant and charming dress, said: "In addition to the field work outside the usual, also liked to travel, so the airport are very familiar with, is honored to preside here bright Swarovski Hong Kong International Airport light ceremony, Christmas atmosphere will bring you joy! "

「SWAROVSKI闪亮圣诞树」闪耀香港国际机场 乐坛天后郑秀文亲临主持亮灯仪式

Swarovski sparkling Christmas tree height over 16 meters, has been extended from Terminal 1 Departure Arrival Hall to the lobby, spectacular. Christmas tree design theme jubilant atmosphere surrounding the metropolis, full of modern design with fashion elements, the eye-catching bracelet Stardust turned into a dazzling Christmas wreath accented with Swarovski crystals in the sun's shining, like a magic-like Christmas tree lights, tree tops spend more star chic decor, exceptionally attention. In addition, trees are more to spend over one million came from Austria shipped Swarovski crystals crafted, so that everyone is bound to leave a deep impression, the city became the focus of attention!

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